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We have a variety of of light and medium duty wreckers as well as flatbed trucks that can handle most jobs that can be thrown at us.


Our newer flatbed can handle pretty much any full sized truck with an extended cab and over sized tires or duels.

Do you have a trailer? No problem!. Our flatbed has several sizes of ball hitch attachments as well as a 5th wheel conversion kit. Our only limit is weight. Please call for details.

Do you have a classic car? We carry soft straps on our trucks that eliminate any risk of scratching the undercarriage of show cars.

We are certified and inspected by Montana Highway Patrol and The Montana Department of Transportation to do wrecks and recovery in the state of Montana. Though there is a process to accidents that has to be fallowed. Please refer to our Accident and Recovery section.

All of our trucks have lockout kits and we have experience with most vehicles.  There are only a few types of newer cars that we cannot lock without taking the car to a dealership. Call for details.

We can jump start pretty much anything out there from small cars and motorcyclres to semi sized trucks.

Motorcycle Towing


Check out our simple step by step process by clicking the button below or simply give us a call.

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