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Basic Towing and Breakdowns

We offer both light and medium duty Flatbed or Wrecker Tows. We can handle some heavy duty Semi tractors, RVs and U-Haul sized trucks. Weight limits do apply please call for details.

While many vehicles can be towed with a regular wrecker we prefer to tow if possible with a flatbed.

Exception to this case  are very low profile vehicles or cars with busted ball joints and missing tires.  Due to the angle of incline the risk to damaging a plastic front bumper is to great.

Truck and Trailer Combo.

With our flatbed truck we can tow both of your truck and trailer with the ball hitch attachment on the wheel lift. We also have a 5th wheel conversion for it as well.  Some weight restrictions may apply. Please call for more details.


Towing Insurance

Do you have Towing Insurance?  Many people have towing insurance and do not even realize it.  Most insurance companies require you to call their roadside assistance phone # first at witch point you may request us if you so choose. Usually insurance companies will reimburse you if you pay out of pocket to avoid a much longer wait time by calling us directly.


We cannot bill most insurance companies with the exception of Local State Farm agents.  We have billed out of state before but we require permission from your agent first.  If you do have State Farm and are not sure if you have towing, check the bottom of your insurance card and there should be a line of spaced letters Indicating the type of coverages you have.  There should be a little letter if you have towing insurance.

Classic or High End Cars.

For classic and or high end cars we have a variety of soft straps to eliminate any risk of scratching a show style undercarriage.  While we are capable of towing vehicles like this alone, we welcome owner assistance or instructions on how you want your vehicle loaded and towed.

Medium -Heavy Duty Towing.

We have the capabilities of towing a wide variety of medium and heavy duty vehicles.  RVs, semi tractors, U-Haul sized moving trucks, buses, and large full sized pick-ups.  We are the U-Haul contracted company in Flathead Valley.

We also have the capability of providing winch-out and recovery services for these vehicle though some weight restrictions may apply. Please call for details.

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