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I have Just Been In a Wreck!  What Now?

First time in a wreck?  Most people understandable do know know how the accident process works.


Call Law Enforcement!

You can either call 911 or call Montana Highway Patrol at 1-855-647-3777 or if you are inside Kalispell City Limits call       KPD at 1-406-260-4319.  We cannot tow your vehicle until they have arrived and finished there report. This also includes slide offs and deer hits.  You can either call us personally or have them do it. If you call us just let them know a tow truck is on the way so they don't send 2 towing companies.  Stay with your vehicle until you have spoken to an officer.  We have seen people get ticketed for abandoning the seen of an accident even when it is seemingly innocent.



When an accident happens the recovery and towing of the vehicle is considered part of the the total cost or damage from the accident.  Meaning even if you do not have towing insurance the towing is still covered if you have full coverage insurance or if the wreck is the other drivers fault and has at least liability.  To avoid out of pocket charges the simple thing to do is to have the vehicle towed to our lot and let the adjuster take care of it.  During day hours we can tow it to a body shop of your choosing and usually they are more than willing to foot the bill until insure pays for the total damages.  After hours this is not possible unless we have billing set up with that body shop and access to there lot.  We do however have billing set up with local State Farm agents.  We do accept towing insurance from State Farm.  You can always call us for more details.



Once we are dispatched we will expedite to your location as fast as we can.  There are times of course when we are not immediately available to respond to an accident, especially during snow storms. The officer on seen may not be willing to wait depending on the status of the vehicle or if its blocking traffic. It is also possible during snow storms that it may take the officer awhile to show up for a non-emergency wreck as they have to prioritize.

If you have to leave the seen before we arrive or you have gotten permission from the officer because of a long wait time please leave you car keys somewhere with the vehicle.

During the recovery process we do our best not to cause any more damages to your vehicle though there is no magic wand solution to things like rollovers or cars that are off road. They kinda have to come out the same way they came in.  If damages are caused during the recovery process insurance considers that be apart of the total cost incurred during the accident. Many situations there just simply not enough time to be as careful as we would like being that the wreck may blocking off the road and it presents a risk to traffic and emergency personnel.  Never the less we do our best to make sure this goes as smoothly as possible.


Storage and Release of Vehicle

We offer storage in a locked and secure lot in inconspicuous suburban location.  For high end cars or motorcycles we do offer indoor storage as well, though space is very limited.  For outdoor storage we offer plastic wrapping to put over any broken windows called Collision Wrap.  This protects your interior or any possessions that could be damaged by the elements. 


Once you vehicle is on our lot we cannot release your vehicle to any other towing companies or body shops without your verbal conformation and all towing and storage charges have been settled or arranged to be.  You may have possessions you need to get out of a vehicle or you may not agree with either the settlement as well as the shop insurance wants you to use.  You do reserve the right to have your car worked on at the shop of your choosing.  Do not let an insurance agent tell you different.  Most insurance agents are really easy to work with and this rarely happens.  Accidents happen all of the time and this process is like clockwork.

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