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We are a locally owned small business based out of Kalispell, MT.  We are a Father and Son team who very deeply believe in treating people with dignity and respect.  We will always shoot you a strait answer with pricing or any questions on what towing you would involve.  We do not believe in a hard sell.  We are not the cheapest towers in the Valley and we are definitely not the most expensive.  Quality towing for a fair price.

Tow Master Towing was created back in 1993 and has been Towing in the Valley for over 20 years.  It was purchased in 1998 by the current owner Jeff who now has years of experience doing wreck recovery.   


In the early days of Tow Master the primary source of business was mainly big truck work and construction vehicles. In 2008 when the economy went down the tubes most of that disappeared.  Having to change our approach to towing, today our primary focus is on accident recovery, local towing, tourism, and motor clubs.  The economy is coming back to the Valley in full force and we are grateful to be apart of that. 

Small Business
Living in Kalispell, MT feels like the small business capitol of the world.  We are very grateful to be able to do what we do.  For many people a normal 40 hour a week job can be such a grind.  We can both honestly say that we really enjoy what we do and are very grateful for each and every customer as well as the living that has provided for our family.  


Our business takes us to some of the most beautiful places in Montana and has us meeting some of the most interesting people.  It brings us closer to the community in that we work with local law enforcement, the fire department and other local businesses. We get to be apart of the day to day operations of the city.  


Providing good customer service is something that just comes second nature when you are actually grateful for the business and not just doing it because some manager tells you to or so you don't get in trouble.  We believe that is what sets us apart from most other towing companies. We work for ourselves and are grateful for the opportunity to do so.

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